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    Ask the Experts

    Rusty Water

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Got rust? This oxidized iron occurs naturally in some drinking water sources and can also come from old, corroded pipes. While it may look and taste unpleasant, the reddish-brown liquid is not a threat to your health.

  • Cantaloupe: Fragrant and Flavorful?>

    Cantaloupe: Fragrant and Flavorful

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Cantaloupe is an exceptionally good source of beta carotene, and its high water content makes it filling for very few calories. Here's what you need to know about choosing, storing, and using this luscious fruit.

  • On a Diet? Do This, Not That?>

    On a Diet? Do This, Not That

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Here are 9 things you can do (or should avoid doing) that may help support your weight-loss efforts, based on published studies that we reported on in 2016. They range from conventional (drink more water) to quirky (listen to yourself chew).