• Can Fitness Shoes Tone Your Body??>

    Can Fitness Shoes Tone Your Body?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    You've probably seen the ads about how toning shoes can give you more shapely legs and a "better butt." But some manufacturers don't stop there, suggesting their products also ease stress on joints and improve circulation. Truth or fiction?

  • Defensive Walking 101?>

    Defensive Walking 101

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Every two hours, a pedestrian is killed by a motor vehicle and every seven minutes one is injured. While driver distraction plays its part, pedestrians are often at fault too. Here's what you can do to lessen your risk of being struck.

  • The Future of Aging?>
    Expert Q&A

    The Future of Aging

    by Peter Jaret

    Marlon Maus, MD, DrPH, co-editor of the book "Aging, Place, and Health: A Global Perspective," talks about the importance of healthy aging and why it's become an urgent public health issue.