• Can Fitness Shoes Tone Your Body??>

    Can Fitness Shoes Tone Your Body?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    You've probably seen the ads about how toning shoes can give you more shapely legs and a "better butt." But some manufacturers don't stop there, suggesting their products also ease stress on joints and improve circulation. Truth or fiction?

  • Exercise and Varicose Veins?>
    Ask the Experts

    Exercise and Varicose Veins

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Does exercise cause varicose veins, or help prevent them? And if you already have varicose veins, what types of activity can ease (or worsen) the problem? Our experts have the facts you need.

  • Dog Walking Caution?>
    Wellness Tip

    Dog Walking Caution

    by Health After 50

    Walking a dog is a great way for older adults to be active, but they have higher odds of falling and fracturing a bone than younger dog-walkers. ER visits for such injuries have more than doubled among Americans over 65 since 2004, a new study shows.