• Arginine: What Can It Do??>

    Arginine: What Can It Do?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Arginine is an amino acid produced in the body and found in many foods—especially those rich in protein. But it's also sold as a dietary supplement as L-arginine. We clear the fog of claims and counter-claims.

  • Diet Supplements: Are They Safe? ?>

    Diet Supplements: Are They Safe?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Google “diet supplements” and you’ll get about 13 million search results, most from companies selling products that promise to cure your weight problem—in as little as a week. Their proprietary formulas, which can cost $40 a bottle and up, are often touted as all natural, healthy and proven to work with

  • CoQ10 and Statins?>
    Ask the Experts

    CoQ10 and Statins

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Can taking supplements of CoQ10 help to prevent muscle pain—a potential side effect of the cholesterol-lowering medications known as statins?