Melatonin for Migraines?>
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Melatonin for Migraines

by Berkeley Wellness  

If you have migraines, melatonin supplements may help reduce their frequency, suggests a recent Brazilian study in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry. It involved 178 adults, ages 18 to 65, who regularly suffered from migraines and were divided into three groups: melatonin (3 milligrams), standard migraine medication (amitriptyline, 25 mil­ligrams), or a placebo, all taken at bedtime for 12 weeks.

Compared to the placebo, melatonin reduced migraine frequency as much as the drug, with fewer adverse effects, and was even more likely to reduce migraine frequency by at least half. Melatonin may help prevent migraines by acting on various brain chemicals, reducing inflammation, and in other ways, the researchers suggested.

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