• Zinc: Fighting the Cold War?>

    Zinc: Fighting the Cold War

    by Berkeley Wellness

    We all know that there's no cure for the common cold. But some research makes the case for zinc, showing that if used early enough, it can shorten colds by about a day and reduce their severity.

  • 8 Facts to Know About Supplements?>

    8 Facts to Know About Supplements

    by Berkeley Wellness

    About two-thirds of American adults take at least one dietary supple­ment. But because they're so lightly regulated by the FDA, it's often hard to know what you're getting. Keep these pointers in mind when, or if, you buy supplements.

  • Do You Need More Iron??>

    Do You Need More Iron?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Low iron intake over a long period can deplete iron stores— especially if your body is losing blood, as in menstruation. As iron balance worsens, full-blown iron-deficiency anemia can develop. Are you at risk for deficiency?