• Don't Be Afraid of Fruit?>

    Don't Be Afraid of Fruit

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Eat more fruits and vegetables—who could argue with that simple advice? Well, amazingly enough, the fruit part of the equation is being questioned, mostly by advocates of low-carb diets. But there's no need to fear fruit.

  • The Licorice Lowdown?>

    The Licorice Lowdown

    by Berkeley Wellness

    From a medical standpoint, few foods are more interesting than licorice. It has been used since ancient times as an herbal remedy for coughs, upset stomachs and other ailments.

  • Yogurt-Covered Snacks Aren't Health Food?>
    Wellness Tip

    Yogurt-Covered Snacks Aren't Health Food

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Despite their wholesome image, yogurt-covered snacks like pretzels and raisins are far from health food—and many of them don't even contain any yogurt. Here's what's really in that white coating, plus our suggestion for a healthier alternative.