strength training


  • Pilates: More for the Core?>

    Pilates: More for the Core

    by Berkeley Wellness

    This movement-based exercise technique was originally developed for dancers nearly a century ago. Pilates not only increases core strength and stability but also range of motion, flexibility, and muscle balance.

  • The Power of Strength Training?>

    The Power of Strength Training

    by Berkeley Wellness

    You don't have to be an athlete to benefit from strength-training. Not only does it make it easier to handle life's daily chores, such as toting bags of groceries, but it's also a great way to protect yourself from injuries as you age.

  • Exercise: Mindset Matters?>

    Exercise: Mindset Matters

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Many people avoid exercise not because they're physically unable to do it, but because of negative thoughts or feelings about physical activity. Learn what factors affect your exercise mindset and how to change negative attitudes into positive ones.