Menopausal Symptoms You Don\'t Have to Live With?>
Wellness Tip

Menopausal Symptoms You Don't Have to Live With

by Berkeley Wellness  

If you’re a postmenopausal woman experiencing vulvovaginal symptoms, talk to your gynecologist about treatment. About half of all postmenopausal women experience such symptoms, which often go untreated yet can impair quality of life, according to a study in Menopause.

Researchers had 358 postmenopausal women complete a questionnaire about physical symptoms (such as dryness, itching, burning, and pain), along with the effect that such symptoms had on their lives. Half reported at least one symptom in the last week; 10 percent reported five or more. And of them, 33 to 76 percent reported that the symptoms affected their lifestyle, emotional state, and sexual activity.

Women with symptoms were also more likely to have other problems, including pelvic organ prolapse, urgency incontinence, and painful urination. Vulvovaginal discomfort does not have to be a “natural part of growing older,” as many people think.

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