IUDs May Reduce Cervical Cancer?>
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IUDs May Reduce Cervical Cancer

by Berkeley Wellness  

Intrauterine devices (IUDs) are not only safe and effective contraception, they may also reduce the risk of cervical cancer, according to a study in Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Researchers pooled data from 16 studies from around the world and found that IUD use was associated with a one-third reduction in cervical cancer risk; most studies controlled for many risk factors for the cancer as well as use of the Pap test.

Though the prevention of cervical cancer via Pap and HPV (human papillomavirus) screening has been very successful in developed countries, this cancer is still the third most common type in women worldwide. It’s not clear how an IUD might offer protection, but the researchers speculated that the IUD may stimulate an immune response in the cervix, allowing the body to fight off an HPV infection that could eventually cause cancer.

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