Erectile Dysfunction and Statins?>
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Erectile Dysfunction and Statins

by Berkeley Wellness  

If you’re a man with erectile dysfunction (ED) and are taking a statin to lower your cholesterol, the drug may also improve sexual function, suggested an analysis of 11 clinical trials, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in April.

It found that erectile function scores were 24 percent better in men who took statins—about one-third to one-half the effect seen with medication for ED.

Statins may improve erectile function by helping blood vessels dilate properly and improving blood flow to the penis. While statins are not recommended as a treatment for ED, this added benefit may encourage more men who need statins to adhere to the therapy, the researchers said.

Previous research has linked ED and cardiovascular disease. Many cardiovascular risk factors can cause or worsen ED; dealing with them often improves sexual function.