Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction?>
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Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

by Berkeley Wellness  

More than half of all men with type 2 dia­betes have erectile dysfunction (ED). An analysis in Diabetic Medicine, which looked at 145 studies, found that men with diabetes were 3.6 times more likely to develop ED than men without diabetes and developed it at younger ages.

Diabetes contributes to ED by damaging nerves and small blood vessels involved in erections. Both diabetes and ED are associated with increased risk of cardiovascu­lar disease, and all three conditions share cer­tain risk factors, such as obesity and smoking.

Thus, men with diabetes should be screened for ED, the researchers suggested. Conversely, men with ED, especially before age 65, should be screened for diabetes. And men with either condition should be screened for cardiovascular disease.

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