Prostate Cancer: Tip to Reduce Your Risk?>
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Prostate Cancer: Tip to Reduce Your Risk

by Berkeley Wellness  

A healthy lifestyle may substantially reduce the risk of dying from prostate cancer, according to a new analysis of two well-known studies involving 63,000 male health professionals (ages 40 to 84) in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. To be part of the study, the men could not have a history of cancer (other than nonmelanoma skin cancer).

The researchers followed the men for at least 10 years, looking at six lifestyle habits that have been linked to reduced risk of advanced prostate cancer:

  • exercising vigor­ously,
  • not smoking (at least 10 years),
  • maintain­ing a healthy weight,
  • eating fatty fish (at least once a week),
  • eating tomato products (rich in lycopene) at least 4 to 7 times a week, and
  • limiting processed meat (no more than three servings a week).

They concluded that men who had at least five of these healthy habits were about half as likely to die from prostate cancer as those who had only one or none. The biggest benefit appeared to come from vigorous exercise.

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