Woman walks on icy street?>
Wellness Tip

How to Walk Safely on Ice

by Berkeley Wellness  

Baby, it's cold outside (at least across many parts of the U.S.)—and maybe icy too. A fall on an icy or otherwise slick street can result in big bruises or, worse yet, broken bones.

To avoid slipping, try adapting a new walking gait and other safe habits:

  • Bend slightly at the waist so that your center of gravity falls over your feet, and slowly take short, flat-footed steps—in effect, shuffling a little like a penguin.
  • Keep your arms free for balance—you can even extend them out to the sides as you walk for more steadiness.
  • Wear gloves so you are less inclined to put your hands in your pockets—that way your hands and forearms will be free to help break a fall, if necessary.

Be aware that you can’t always see ice on streets or roads (what’s called “black ice” or “clear ice”); rather, the surface may simply look wet or black.