Triple Up on Sun Protection?>
Wellness Tip

Triple Up on Sun Protection

by Wellness Letter  

Spending a day at the beach (or pool, or lake)? Be sure to use more than one type of sun protection—say, sunscreen plus hat plus umbrella.

That advice comes from a study in Preventive Medicine in March, which looked at the reported sun protective behaviors and incidence of sunburn among more than 75,000 beachgoers at 12 locations in the U.S. over seven years. Those who used all three types of sun protection the researchers asked about—applying sunscreen, wearing a hat or protective clothing, and seeking shade under an umbrella or canopy—were less likely to burn than those who used only one or two types, especially if they spent five or more hours at the beach. (Still, using only one form of protection was better than using no protection at all.)

Sunburn is a known risk factor for skin cancer. The researchers controlled for skin type, age, and race, which also affect sunburn risk.

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