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  • A Smart Add-On for Old Cars?>
    Wellness Tip

    A Smart Add-On for Old Cars

    by Wellness Letter

    If you drive an older car that doesn’t have a built-in advanced driver-assistance system, consider retrofitting it with one. These systems, found in many new vehicles, offer safety features that alert drivers to hazards and help them avoid collisions.

  • Catching Rheumatoid Arthritis Early?>
    Wellness Tip

    Catching Rheumatoid Arthritis Early

    by Health After 50

    Subtle signs of rheumatoid arthritis—such as having difficulty with daily activities like dressing or bathing—may appear up to two years before this chronic disease is diagnosed, a recent study found.

  • Dealing with Hip Pain?>

    Dealing with Hip Pain

    by Stephanie Watson

    Though naturally sturdy, these major weight-bearing joints can fall prey to overuse, injury, or disease, which can affect your ability to perform daily activities. Here are some common conditions that affect the hips, plus tips for preventing hip problems.