Weight Loss for Psoriasis?>
Wellness Tip

Weight Loss for Psoriasis

by Berkeley Wellness  

If you have psoriasis and are overweight, losing weight may help reduce symp­toms of this skin disease, a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has confirmed.

Danish researchers assigned obese people with psoriasis to a calorie-restricted diet for 16 weeks, resulting in an average weight loss of 33 pounds and a marked improvement in symptoms. After another 48 weeks on a maintenance diet, they regained about 11 pounds but continued to have a reduction in the severity of psoriasis symptoms.

It has long been observed that pso­riasis is associated with obesity and that weight gain tends to worsen the condition. Psoriasis and obesity are both accompanied by low-grade systemic inflammation, and obesity-related pro-inflammatory effects may worsen the severity of psoriasis, the authors suggested.

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