• Sex Boosters in a Bottle??>

    Sex Boosters in a Bottle?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Many men yearn for a better sex life, at least if the growing number of ads and websites promoting performance-boosting supplements is any measure. Are you getting what you expect in these pills?

  • Are Antibiotics Making Us Fat??>

    Are Antibiotics Making Us Fat?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    According the the FDA, sales of antibiotics to use in pigs, chicken, cows, and seafood rose 20 percent between 2009 and 2013. About 32.6 million pounds of antibiotics were going into the animals we eat to promote faster growth or prevent disease.

  • Menopause—in Your 30s??>

    Menopause—in Your 30s?

    by Jeanine Barone

    If you’re a woman in your 30s, not getting your period is often a sign that you might be pregnant. But it could also be an indicator of menopause—yes, menopause. Here's what to know about the condition called primary ovarian insufficiency, or POI.