• Exercise and Sleep?>
    Ask the Experts

    Exercise and Sleep

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Standard sleep advice says you shouldn’t exercise moderately or vigorously within a few hours of bedtime. But surprisingly, most studies have found that early evening exercise does not impair sleep quality.

  • What's a Biological Clock??>

    What's a Biological Clock?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Your biological clock controls your circadian rhythms—your blood pressure, body temperature, and sleep-wake cycle—and is aided in this mission by the hormone melatonin.

  • 5 Warning Signs of Sleep Apnea?>

    5 Warning Signs of Sleep Apnea

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Sleep apnea affects an estimated 10 percent of American adults—and most of them don't know they have it. Here's why sleep apnea is so important to diagnose, and what to do if it turns out you have it.