A Nap a Day Keeps Frustration Away?>
Wellness Tip

A Nap a Day Keeps Frustration Away

by Berkeley Wellness  

A daily nap may help keep impulsivity and frustration at bay, suggests a study from the University of Michigan, published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.

Twenty young adults were told to take a 60-minute midday nap, before and after which they completed computer tasks and questionnaires to assess emotions and behavior. A control group did the same tasks and questionnaires but did not nap.

The nappers spent more time trying to solve unsolvable puzzles after they napped, indicating increased persistence and tolerance for frustration. They also reported feeling less impulsive after napping. The non-nappers showed the opposite pattern: tolerance for frustration decreased, while impulsive feelings increased. In addition to decreasing fatigue and boosting energy, napping has been shown in previous studies to also have positive effects on mood.

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