An Easy Trick to Boost Your Memory?>
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An Easy Trick to Boost Your Memory

by Berkeley Wellness  

Want to increase the odds that you’ll remember something? Repeat it out loud—and to another person, suggests a Canadian study in the journal Consciousness and Cogni­tion.

While wearing headphones that produced white noise, participants read words presented on a monitor four different ways: silently, lip-synching (that is, moving their lips silently while reading the word), aloud while looking at the monitor, or aloud while looking at someone.

Words read aloud to another person were remembered best, followed by those just spoken aloud. Those that were read silently were least remembered.

The act of making a sound creates a sensory and motor reference in the brain, the researchers explained. And addressing the information to another person enhances connectivity between parts of the brain involved in verbal memory recall.

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