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  • Chicken or turkey burgers for hamburger on grill?>

    Burgers come in endless variations, but the basic components are the same: ground meat, usually combined with something that extends the meat and binds it, plus flavoring, seasoning, and fresh herbs. Traditionally, the meat in a burger was beef, but that doesn’t have to be the case, as shown by these four recipes featuring alternatives to red meat (including one meatless “meat”). Serve them with tomato slices and red onion on a whole-grain roll or, for a lighter option, a lettuce wrap. Or up the ante and top the burgers with red onion marmalade, tomatillo salsa, or corn relish. 

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    Turkey Burgers

    Homemade turkey burger on a bun with salad?>

    One good reason to swap your beef burger for a turkey one: In a large study involving 84,000 women and 43,000 men, published in Stroke, replacing one serving a day of red meat with poultry was linked with a 27 percent lower risk of stroke. Feel free to play with the levels of spice or change the flavors of this recipe to suit your mood.

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    Pan-‘Fried’ Chicken Burgers

    Mini Chicken Burgers with Arugula?>

    Don’t let the word “fried” in the name fool you. These patties are cooked in water and low-sodium soy sauce, which infuses flavor without the fat of frying in oil. You can buy ground chicken at the supermarket, but if you have time, making your own ground breast meat not only gives it a fresher taste but also ensures that you won’t get any skin or dark meat ground into the meat.

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    Herbed Salmon Burgers

    Salmon Burger?>

    We use canned salmon in this recipe, which is an excellent source of heart-healthy omega-3 fats. It’s also rich in calcium, since the bones become softened and edible during the canning process. Here the salmon is blended with oats (for body and soluble fiber) and grated fresh apple (for moisture, soluble fiber, and a pleasing contrast to the rich salmon) to make burgers.

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    Meatless Burgers

    Soy burger?>

    These burgers are made with tempeh, a type of fermented soybeans. Replacing even a small amount of your daily animal protein with soy protein is smart for your heart and blood vessels. Soy contains a complex mix of phytochemicals, including isoflavones, which may help strengthen bones and have other health benefits.

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