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11 Recipes for Fish

by Berkeley Wellness  

Fish is a healthy choice of protein: flavorful, yet minus the artery-clogging saturated fat you find in meat. In fact, the American Heart Association recommends you eat at least two servings a week of fish.

Don’t be intimidated by cooking fish. Fish can be just as easy to prepare as chicken breasts.

If you buy dressed fish, fillets, or steaks, there is virtually no additional preparation necessary. Just rinse the fish quickly, or dip it briefly in cold water, then pat it dry before cooking. Always check for bones remaining in a fillet by running your finger across the fillet. If you feel the tips of any bones, pull them out with tweezers.

If you want to thaw frozen fish, place it in the refrigerator overnight. Do not thaw it at room temperature; the fish may be subject to bacterial contamination.

As with raw meat or poultry, you must thoroughly wash all surfaces and utensils, as well as your hands, used to prepare raw fish. Be particularly careful not to bring cooked food into contact with raw fish or with utensils that were used to prepare it.

Don’t marinate fish at room temperature; place the fish and marinade in the refrigerator.

Here are 11 recipes to help you and your family enjoy fish:

1. BBQ Salmon with White Beans Salad