Vitamin D Daily Values?>
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Vitamin D Daily Values

by Berkeley Wellness  

If you consume vitamin-D-fortified foods, be aware that the Daily Value listed on nutrition labels is out-of-date and too low.The Daily Value for vitamin D is still 400 IU, but the Institute of Medicine (IOM) now recommends 600 IU a day for adults through age 70, and 800 IU a day for those over 70.

If, for example, you see a food that provides 25 percent of the Daily Value for vitamin D per serving (such as milk), you’re getting 100 IU of D, which is only 17 percent of your daily needs if you’re under 70 and 13 percent if you’re over 70. Moreover, many experts believe the new IOM recommendations are still too low.

The good news is that an increasing number of food companies are fortifying their products with this vitamin, which is found naturally in few foods.