Instead of Salt, Try Fish Sauce?>
Wellness Tip

Instead of Salt, Try Fish Sauce

by Berkeley Wellness  

To reduce your sodium intake, try substituting fish sauce for some of the salt in recipes. The savory taste (umami) of this condiment—a staple in Southeast Asia that’s typi­cally made by fermenting anchovies—may enhance the perceived saltiness of a food.

In a study from Malaysia in Food Science, researchers found that using fish sauce in place of some salt in chicken broth, tomato soup, and curry recipes allowed them to reduce the sodium content by 10 to 25 percent without a loss in flavor intensity, as rated by a panel of tasters. Moreover, the fish sauce recipes were deemed as delicious as the fully salted ones, with no “fishy” or “ammonia” odor.

Though fish sauce itself is high in sodium, a little goes a long way. Check labels, since sodium levels vary, and look for bottles with expiration dates.

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