Faux Fruit?>

Supermarket Buying Guide: Cereal

Faux Fruit

by Edward R. Blonz, Ph.D.  

Beware of fake fruit masquerading as real fruit in cereals and other foods. Though plump berries, pomegranates, and other pieces of fruit may be enticingly pictured on the package, the "fruit" inside may be nothing more than sugar-sweetened gobs of flour with flavoring, colorings and other additives.

For instance, you can find fake blueberries—sometimes called blueberry bits or crunchlets—in a number of cereals, muffins and breads. Some products contain no fruit at all. Others have a little fruit or fruit puree concentrate (mostly sugar) mixed with the fake fruit.

To avoid this marketing scam, check the ingredients. While fresh blueberries are packed with nutrition, "blueberry crunchlets" are not.

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