Can Blueberries Lower Blood Pressure? ?>
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Can Blueberries Lower Blood Pressure?

by Berkeley Wellness  

Bring on the blueberries: The antioxidant-rich fruit may help to lower blood pressure, according to a study in the Journal of the Acad­emy of Nutrition and Dietetics, which included 40 postmenopausal women with prehyper­tension or mild hypertension. Those who con­sumed freeze-dried blueberry powder (equal to a cup of fresh blueberries) every day for eight weeks had reductions in blood pressure (7 points systolic and 5 points diastolic, on average), as well as decreases in arterial stiff­ness, compared to those given a placebo pow­der.

The researchers attributed the benefits to polyphenols in blueberries, which may improve blood vessel functioning by boosting nitric oxide production. A previous study found similar blood pressure reductions in obese people with cardiovascular risk factors using double the dose of blueberry powder.

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