Types of Watermelons?>

Types of Watermelons

by Berkeley Wellness  

There are more than 50 varieties of watermelon, but there is no appreciable taste difference among them. In fact, most stores call every variety simply “watermelon,” and rarely list the variety name. Most watermelons have the familiar red flesh, although there are white-, yellow- and orange-fleshed varieties.

Watermelons are theoretically available all year, but some markets only stock them in the warm summer months, when they expect their peak sales.

Here are the three main types of watermelon you'll find in stores:

Seedless watermelons: Seedless varieties of watermelon are just as sweet, but have few seeds—or tiny, underdeveloped seeds that are easily eaten. Seedless varieties have existed for more than 60 years, but became widely available and popular in the 1990s. Seedless watermelons include the Crimson, the Millionaire, and the King of Hearts.

Picnic watermelons: Picnic watermelons usually weigh 12 to 50 pounds and are round, oblong, or oval. They’re the ideal melon to serve a large crowd at a picnic or BBQ. Varieties include the Allsweet, the Black Diamond, the Charleston Gray, and the Jubilee.

Icebox watermelons: Icebox watermelons are designed to fit into a refrigerator, and feed a person or small family. They weigh 5 to 10 pounds and are round or oval. Varieties include the red-fleshed Sugar Baby and the golden-fleshed Tiger Baby.