Types of Kiwi?>

Types of Kiwi

by Berkeley Wellness  

The most common type of kiwi in the markets is the green Hayward (though it will only be labeled “kiwifruit”). Other types may also be available in specialty markets. Here is a sampling of varieties of kiwi:

Gold: Gold kiwis have bronze skin and a pointed cap at one end. Inside, the flesh is mustard-colored. The texture, when firm-ripe, is similar to a green kiwi, but when fully ripe becomes almost custard-like. The flavor is multilayered and complex, blending lemon, strawberry, and banana.

Hardy: This is one of several varieties of kiwi designed to withstand colder temperatures. Once only available to home gardeners, these small, smooth-skinned, grape-sized kiwis are becoming more commercially available. They are sold in the market as baby kiwis or grape kiwis. Their flavor is similar to other kiwis, with an intriguing blend of tart and sweet. They can be eaten skin and all.

Hayward: There are over 50 species of fruit that belong to kiwi’s genus, but by far the most common variety is the Hayward, which is green-fleshed and covered with brown fuzz.

Kolomikta: Another type of kiwi designed to withstand colder temperatures, this variety is also called Arctic kiwifruit. It is smaller than the Hayward. Ounce for ounce, kolomikta kiwi’s vitamin C content is 10 times higher than that of Hayward kiwis.

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