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Types of Grapefruit

by Berkeley Wellness  

Grapefruit comes in white, pink, and red varieties, colors that refer to the flesh of the fruit. All three types are similar in taste and texture. Most grapefruits sold as table fruits are seedless. The varieties that have seeds are often used for making grapefruit juice.

The most common grapefruit on the market is the White Marsh seedless. Here are some types of grapefruit you may find in stores and farmers’ markets:

Duncan grapefruit: This large, yellow-skinned Florida grapefruit is very juicy and flavorful. Because it is very seedy it is generally used for juicing.

Flame grapefruit: Dark pink in color, the Flame grapefruit is more richly colored than the classic Ruby Red. Known for its juiciness, the Flame is a particularly sweet variety.

Lavender Gem grapefruit: A grapefruit-tangelo hybrid, the Lavender Gem resembles a mini grapefruit with either a lemon-yellow rind or a pink blush. The flesh is pinkish-blue with some small seeds. These grapefruits are delicate in flavor.

Marsh Seedless grapefruit: The white Marsh is the most popular variety of grapefruit. With yellow-white flesh and yellow skin, this grapefruit is both sweet and acidic. Other Marsh grapefruits include the pink Marsh, which generally has yellow skin with a pink blush. The pink flesh is slightly less acidic and sweeter than that of the white Marsh. The ruby red Marsh has yellow to pale red skin and red flesh. It is less acidic than the white Marsh and is considerably sweeter.

Melogold grapefruit: This cross between a pomelo and a grapefruit was the result of research conducted by two scientists from University of California at Riverside in the late 1950s. Their size varies, but they can be very large. Melogolds are juicy and taste likes oranges with grapefruit overtones. They have a smooth, easy-to-peel rind and contain practically no seeds.

Oro Blanco grapefruit: Another cross between a pomelo and a grapefruit, oro blanco, which means white gold in Spanish, is sweet and juicy without any bitterness or acidity. Oro blancos have yellow skin, a thick rind, and are nearly seedless.

Star Ruby grapefruit: Both tart and sweet, the Star Ruby has smooth yellow skin with a pink blush and deep red flesh. As a general rule of thumb, the redder the flesh, the sweeter the fruit.

Sweeties: Yet another cross between the grapefruit and a pomelo, these look like green grapefruits and, as their name suggests, they are sweet.

Thompson grapefruit: Similar in flavor to the Marsh grapefruit, Thompsons are widely grown in Texas, and gaining popularity because they are mostly seedless.