Types of Apricots ?>

Types of Apricots

by Berkeley Wellness  

There are about a dozen varieties of apricots that are widely sold. All are similar in taste, but differ somewhat in size and color (which ranges from yellow to deep orange). Blenheim, Perfection, Katy, Tilton, Patterson, and Castlebrite are among the better-known varieties.

There are also some interesting apricot hybrids available:

  • Plumcot: A plumcot is a cross between a plum and an apricot. It is one of several efforts that have been made to develop a fruit with the delicate flavors of the apricot but with the hardiness (and shipability) of a plum. It’s shaped more like a plum, but the skin can look like apricot skin.
  • Aprium: This cross between a plumcot and an apricot is more apricot than plum. It looks like a large apricot and has a scant fuzz on the skin.
  • Pluot: This is a cross between a plumcot and a plum is more plum than apricot.

Dried Apricots: Both sulfured and unsulfured dried apricots are widely available in stores. California-style dried apricots come as dried halves. Turkish, which are smaller and whole, are a bit sweeter.