Live Longer With Fruits & Veggies??>
Wellness Tip

Live Longer With Fruits & Veggies?

by Berkeley Wellness  

Eating more vegetables and fruits may help you live longer. Many studies have linked produce intake to a reduced risk of various diseases, but now a large study from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm has found that people who ate five servings of fruits and vegetables a day lived three years longer than those who rarely if ever ate produce.

People who ate just one fruit a day lived 19 months longer than those who never ate fruit; those eating three servings of vegetables a day lived 32 months longer.

Surprisingly, eating more than five servings a day did not provide added longevity benefits. The researchers controlled for age, weight, smoking, physical activity, alcohol consumption, education and calorie intake. Even so, produce intake may still be a marker for a healthy lifestyle.