How Much Water is in Your Food? ?>

How Much Water is in Your Food?

by Berkeley Wellness  

It’s a myth that you need eight glasses of water a day. One rea­son: you get a lot of the fluid you need from foods. It’s good to get fluid this way, since water-rich foods are filling, so they aid in weight control. And they are nutritious.

Here’s how much water are in some foods:

cucumbers 96 percent
celery 95 percent
lettuce 95 percent
peppers 94 percent
tomatoes 94 percent
summer squash 94 percent
asparagus 93 percent
watermelon 92 percent
mushrooms 92 percent
chicken noodle soup 92 percent
strawberries 91 percent
spinach 91 percent
cantaloupe 90 percent
broccoli 89 percent
tomato sauce 89 percent
peaches 89 percent
carrots 88 percent
grapefruit 88 percent
oranges 87 percent
apples 86 percent
yogurt 85 percent
grapes 80 percent
bananas 75 percent
eggs 75 percent

As a comparison, orange juice and low-­fat milk are 89 percent water. Even meat, fish and soft cheeses are mostly water. And humans are 55 percent to 70 percent water, too.