Got Garlic Breath? Eat These Foods?>
Wellness Tip

Got Garlic Breath? Eat These Foods

by Berkeley Wellness  

Got garlic breath? Eat an apple, lettuce, or mint afterward, suggests a study from Ohio State University in the Journal of Food Science. Garlic breath is blamed on volatile sulfur glucosides that form from allicin in garlic.

After chewing garlic for 25 seconds, partici­pants consumed various foods and beverages. Raw apple, lettuce, and mint leaves were found to be highly effective in neutralizing the stinky compounds, at least for the next hour or so, with the effect attributed to phenolic compounds and enzymes in the foods.

Apple juice had less of a deodorizing effect, probably because juicing changes the structure of the phenols in apples, making those compounds unavailable to bind with the volatile ones. Tea had little or no effect.

Previous studies have shown garlic-breath benefits from fruits such as plums, apricots, and cherries (more so than citrus, grapes, and pears), as well as celery, parsley, mushrooms, and milk.

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