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9 Ways to Serve Cantaloupe

by Berkeley Wellness  

Try cantaloupe on the grill, in a salsa or salad, or in an instant sorbet or smoothie. Here are nine serving suggestions for America’s most popular melon.

1. Serve cantaloupe wedges with feta or goat cheese and cherry tomatoes.

2. Add cantaloupe chunks to yogurt along with a couple of ice cubes and puree to make a smoothie.

3. Combine cantaloupe and avocado for an interesting salsa.

4. Freeze cantaloupe chunks, then pulse in a food processor to make an instant sorbet.

5. Puree cantaloupe, peaches, orange juice, and lime juice, then chill for a cold soup.

6. Add cantaloupe to skewers when grilling shrimp, scallops, or chicken.

7. Halve and remove the seeds, then fill the centers of cantaloupe halves with part-skim ricotta and minced crystallized ginger.

8. Wrap thin slivers of lean smoked turkey around cantaloupe wedges and serve with a drizzle of aged balsamic vinegar.

9. Add cantaloupe chunks to chicken and pasta salad and toss lightly with lime or lemon vinaigrette.

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