Cookie Dough Safety?>
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Cookie Dough Safety

by Berkeley Wellness  

Don’t eat uncooked cookie dough, including “ready-to-bake” commercial products.

It’s well known that homemade dough can pose a risk from raw eggs, but commercial products can also be a source of foodborne illness, according to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which implicated them in a multistate E. coli outbreak in 2009 that sickened 77 people.Contrary to what you may think, “ready-to-bake” dough is not “ready-to-eat.”

The flour was the prime suspect in the outbreak because, unlike other ingredients in commercial cookie dough (such as pasteurized eggs), it usually does not undergo processing to kill pathogens.

Though package labels warn that cookie dough should not be eaten raw, some people—especiallyteenage girls—buy such products with no intention of actually baking cookies.