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Wellness Tip

Eat Breakfast, Lose Weight?

by Berkeley Wellness  

Don’t count on eating breakfast to help with weight control, as is often claimed. The few clinical trials that have looked at weight changes in people told to either eat or skip breakfast have had inconsistent results, as we’ve reported.

Recently a large well-designed study from the University of Alabama divided 309 overweight or obese people (ages 20 to 65) into three groups: One was told to eat breakfast (and given a handout about healthy breakfast foods), one was told to skip it, and a control group was left unguided.

After 16 weeks, there were no differences in weight among the groups. It did not matter whether subjects were previously breakfast eaters or skippers.

The study appeared in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Note, however, that it did not look at what the participants ate for breakfast. Other studies have found that high-protein breakfasts, in particular, may aid in weight control, perhaps because they are more satiating.