Calorie-Shifting Diets: A Shifty Way to Lose Weight??>
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Calorie-Shifting Diets: A Shifty Way to Lose Weight?

by Berkeley Wellness  

Popular alternate-day near-fasting regi­mens, also called calorie-shifting diets, do not produce more weight loss than standard calorie-restricted diets, suggests a study in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Researchers divided 100 obese adults into three groups: alternate-day near-fasting (25 percent of calorie needs on “fast” days; 125 percent of calorie needs on alter­nating “feast” days); daily calorie restriction (75 percent of calorie needs every day); or no inter­vention.

After six months, weight loss in both diet groups was the same (about 7 percent of body weight). The same was true after another six months on more-relaxed weight mainte­nance diets. There were also no significant dif­ferences in blood cholesterol, blood pressure, or blood sugar between the two diet groups.

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