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  • The White House Diet?>

    The White House Diet

    by Berkeley Wellness

    In addition to being our 27th president, William Howard Taft had another big claim to fame: celebrity dieter—perhaps America’s first. See how his weight-loss plan stacks up against the diets that are popular today.

  • Is Your Kitchen Making You Fat??>

    Is Your Kitchen Making You Fat?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Researchers have studied the “food environment” for years, looking at such factors as how advertising, packaging and distraction make people eat more. More recently, they’ve turned their attention to the impact of architectural design on eating be­havior.

  • 8 Intestinal Gas Remedies?>

    8 Intestinal Gas Remedies

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Passing gas is perfectly normal and everyone does it. But for some of us, flatulence can be a major embarrassment. Some simple strategies can help control the problem.