Healthy eating




  • Chocolate on the Brain?>

    Chocolate on the Brain

    by Berkeley Wellness

    The news keeps getting sweeter about dark chocolate and other cocoa products. Not only have several studies suggested that it can help lower blood pressure, but new research has found that cocoa can also aid the brain.

  • Mushroom-Barley Soup?>

    Mushroom-Barley Soup

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Whip up a pot of this earthy soup, which is hearty enough for a main course. Serve it right away in soup bowls, or let it sit—the barley may soak up all the liquid and give you a more stew-like consistency.

  • Weighing in on Bathroom Scales?>

    Weighing in on Bathroom Scales

    by Berkeley Wellness

    If you want to monitor your weight, any basic bathroom scale—dial or digital—that gives consistent readings is sufficient. The more fancy extras and the more stylish the look, the higher the price—but not necessarily the better the performance.