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  • Citrus-Roasted Snapper?>

    Citrus-Roasted Snapper

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Lime juice and orange juice season this simple baked fish dish. Make it with the titular red snapper or, if you prefer, a fatty fish such as grouper or mackerel.

  • Take the Taste Test?>

    Take the Taste Test

    by Berkeley Wellness

    The sense of taste plays a vital role in our choice and enjoyment of foods and thus in our overall health. And like its counterpart, the sense of smell, it tends to decline with age. See what you know about taste with this true-false quiz.

  • 5 Recipes that Celebrate Cherries?>

    5 Recipes that Celebrate Cherries

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Tantalizingly sweet, tart, and juicy, cherries are the ideal summer fruit (and indeed that's when they're in season), though they're delicious year-round. Here are 5 delicious recipes that use fresh, frozen, or dried versions of the fruit.