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  • Triple Chocolate Pudding?>

    Triple Chocolate Pudding

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Have a sweet tooth? In this recipe, cocoa powder, German’s sweet chocolate and semisweet chocolate—underscored by brown sugar and cinnamon—yield a chocolate pudding that's rich and satisfying.

  • Healthy Diets: Heavy on Plant Foods?>

    Healthy Diets: Heavy on Plant Foods

    by Berkeley Wellness

    No one knows for sure what makes the diets of people living around the Mediterranean Sea so healthy, but all are based on plant foods. And that's what other healthy diets around the planet all have in common.

  • Tearless Onions??>
    Wellness Tip

    Tearless Onions?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Do onions make you cry when you chop them? Some simple strategies can help making cutting onions a less tearful affair.