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  • Obamacare: The Bigger Picture?>
    Be Well

    Obamacare: The Bigger Picture

    by David Tuller, DrPH

    After several years of drama and fierce debate, the Affordable Care Act is finally in place. Some its key elements are common-sense changes that those of all political persuasions should be able to applaud.

  • Smokeless Tobacco Dangers?>
    Be Well

    Smokeless Tobacco Dangers

    by David Tuller, DrPH

    While the rate of cigarette smoking among working-age adults in the U.S. fell between 2005 and 2010, the rate of those using smokeless tobacco did not. And these products have their dangers.

  • Defensive Walking 101?>

    Defensive Walking 101

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Every two hours, a pedestrian is killed by a motor vehicle and every seven minutes one is injured. While driver distraction plays its part, pedestrians are often at fault too. Here's what you can do to lessen your risk of being struck.