Informed Consent for Clinical Trials: What to Know?>

Informed Consent for Clinical Trials: What to Know

by Health After 50  

Before enrolling in a clinical trial, you’ll be given a document that details the purpose, risks, and benefits of the study, exactly what will be required, and for how long. Be sure you understand the details completely before signing, and keep a copy for review.

Those conducting the trial should address the following questions:

  • Who is funding the trial?
  • Why do researchers think the treatment may work?
  • Will the treatment hurt? If so, for how long?
  • What happens if the treatment is harmful?
  • What medications, procedures, or treatments should be avoided during the trial?
  • Will trial results be made available to participants and others?
  • Can the treatment be continued after the trial is over?
  • How do the risks and benefits of the treatment compare with proven treatments?
  • What are the possible short- and long-term side effects?
  • What costs will be covered by the trial?

This article appeared in the May 2020 issue of UC Berkeley Health After 50.