Contagious disease




  • Fecal Transplants and the FDA ?>

    Fecal Transplants and the FDA

    by David Tuller, DrPH

    Gastrointestinal infections with the drug-resistent bacteria C. difficile have become epidemic in health care settings. An odd-sounding treatment, fecal transplants, appears to help, but how should the government be regulating it?

  • The Imperfect Pertussis Vaccine?>

    The Imperfect Pertussis Vaccine

    by Amanda Z. Naprawa

    Even vaccinated people can sometimes get sick with the disease they're supposed to be protected against. That's especially true for pertussis (whooping cough). Our vaccine expert Amanda Z. Naprawa explains why.

  • HIV Infection/AIDS: What to Know?>

    HIV Infection/AIDS: What to Know

    by Berkeley Wellness

    HIV/AIDS is one of the most dangerous health problems of modern times. But new treatment strategies have dramatically changed the prognosis for people who are HIV-infected, and can slow the course of the disease for those who have developed AIDS.