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  • 11 Top Health Stories of 2018?>

    11 Top Health Stories of 2018

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Health headlines were polarized this year, veering from really good news—like new calorie labels on menus and the final banning of trans fats—to really bad news, including rising STD rates and dire climate-change warnings. We review the top stories.

  • Progress Stalled on Reducing Deadly Staph Infections?>
    Health News

    Progress Stalled on Reducing Deadly Staph Infections

    by Leslie Pepper

    After years of steady decline, progress has stalled in reducing the rate of dangerous Staphylococcus aureus (staph) infections in U.S. health care settings, according to a CDC report. And rates of some community-acquired staph infections are rising.

  • Hospital Catheter Caution?>
    Wellness Tip

    Hospital Catheter Caution

    by Health After 50

    A University of Michigan study found that hospital patients frequently had catheters left in longer than needed, increasing their risk for potentially deadly infections. Poor communication among health care workers was a main reason for catheter misuse.