• Should You Worry About Wheat??>

    Should You Worry About Wheat?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Wheat has long been a dietary pariah for everyone who jumped on the low-carb-diet bandwagon, along with those who think they are allergic or sensitive to the grain. But does it really deserve the bad reputation?

  • Is Food Getting Safer??>

    Is Food Getting Safer?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    With all the headlines about foodborne illness in recent years, it might seem that the problem of food contamination is at epic levels. But could our food safety issues actually be declining?

  • Child Labor on Tobacco Farms?>
    Be Well

    Child Labor on Tobacco Farms

    by Keng Lam, MD

    A recent report on children working on tobacco farms in North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia, details the health problems these youngsters experience: nausea, headache, vomiting, dizziness and difficult breathing.