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  • Foot Notes: Bunions?>

    Foot Notes: Bunions

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Bunions, also known as hallux valgus, are bony outgrowths on the joint of the big toe. The deformations can be both painful and unsightly. If you have a bunion, see your physician and/or a podiatrist for an exam.

  • Step Up to the Dr. Scholl's Kiosk??>
    Ask Berkeley Wellness

    Step Up to the Dr. Scholl's Kiosk?

    by Jeanine Barone

    It takes just a few minutes to get your feet analyzed at a Dr. Scholl's "Custom Fit” kiosk. But will the recommended shoe inserts really reduce foot, knee, and lower back pain, as claimed? We looked at the (lack of) evidence.