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    Do "Calming" Drinks Work?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    After more than a decade of guzzling supercharged beverages, more Americans are now turning to "calming" drinks that promise to help them "unwind from the grind." Do these supposedly relaxing beverages work?

  • Hemp Seeds in Food?>
    Ask the Experts

    Hemp Seeds in Food

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Did you know that some foods contain industrial hemp? Can food containing hemp seeds cause you to test positive for marijuana on a workplace drug test?

  • Is Nectresse a Better Sugar Substitute??>
    Ask the Experts

    Is Nectresse a Better Sugar Substitute?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    It’s probably as good as any other in terms of sweetening foods with negligible calories—but don’t be fooled into thinking that you’re getting extra health benefits because it’s derived from a fruit.