Can You Get a Dancer\'s Body??>

Can You Get a Dancer's Body?

by Jeanine Barone  

Will taking barre classes really give you that much-envied dancer's body? Aside from improved posture, that’s hardly a guarantee.

For one, genetics play a large role in body shape and how bodies adapt to exercise. Moreover, no matter how much effort you put into them, these classes don't come anywhere close to the typical training done by elite ballet dancers, who regularly engage in rigorous rehearsal routines that include endurance, strength, flexibility, speed, and agility workouts, as well as the dancing itself. They also do cross-training activities such as cycling. And many overly restrict calories, which we don’t recommend.

Still, if you regularly attend barre classes (or do any kind of physical activity for that matter), you will improve the health—and likely the appearance—of your body, even if you never become the next Suzanne Farrell or Mikhail Baryshnikov.