Physical Activity Reduces Stroke Severity?>
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Physical Activity Reduces Stroke Severity

by Wellness Letter  

Another reason to stay physically active: It may reduce the severity of a stroke if you have one, according to a Swedish study in Neurologyin October 2018.

It’s well known that exercise and other activity can help reduce the risk of having a stroke. The new study included 925 people (average age 73) who had been hospitalized for strokes, most of which were mild, and who reported their pre-stroke activity levels. About half had been physically active, though almost none had exercised vigorously.

Those who reported light physical activity (defined as walking at least four hours a week) or moderate activity (swimming, brisk walking, or running at least two hours a week) were twice as likely to have had a mild (not severe) stroke as their inactive counterparts.

One limitation of the study was that it relied on participants’ recall of their prior physical activity, and memory may be impaired by a stroke. When necessary, the researchers asked relatives of the participants to confirm exercise levels.

This article first appeared in the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter.

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