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Cycling for Heart Health

by Berkeley Wellness  

More reason to cycle regularly: People who do it, either for pleasure or to commute, are at reduced risk for cardiovascular disease, according to recent Scandinavian research.

In a study of nearly 24,000 Swedes (average age 43) in the Journal of the American Heart Association, those who maintained or began cycling to work had a significantly lower risk of becoming obese or developing hypertension, prediabetes, or high triglycerides than non-cyclists during a 10-year follow-up.

And in a study of 45,000 Danes (ages 50 to 65), published in the journal Circulation, those who cycled, even for just 30 to 60 minutes a week, had fewer heart attacks than non-cyclists during a 20-year period, after adjustment for demographic and lifestyle factors, as well as obesity, hypertension, and diabetes.

“Collectively, the findings support wide encouragement to participate in cycling as an approach to prevent development of coronary heart disease,” the Danish researchers concluded.

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