• What is in Your Diet Pills??>

    What is in Your Diet Pills?

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Weight loss supplements contain a mind-numbing list of substances touted to burn fat, boost metabolism, suppress appetite, control sugar cravings and increase energy. Most have no convincing scientific support behind them or have not been tested at all.

  • Understanding Vegetable Oils?>

    Understanding Vegetable Oils

    by Edward R. Blonz, Ph.D.

    Vegetable oils provide about 13 grams of fat and 120 calories per tablespoon and are cholesterol free. All are heart-healthy when they replace saturated fats in an otherwise well-balanced diet. But there are differences between them.

  • Figuring Out Dietary Fats?>

    Figuring Out Dietary Fats

    by Berkeley Wellness

    Dietary fat used to be portrayed as public enemy No. 1. More recently, studies have found that low-fat diets do not improve the odds of preventing disease or losing weight. What matters most for good health is to eat the right fats.